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Not so Limp Lamp…

The Italian design studio Nonesiste has created a lamp that springs to life when it’s turned on – ‘The V/a.g.r.a. lamp’

"Warning Signs"

Visualising the effects of pollution…


Designers Nien Lam and Susan Ngo have collaborated to warn us of the risks of our pollution-heavy urban lifestyles on our bodily organs through fashion. In the presence of carbon monoxide, the “Warning Signs” wearables subtly change colour from a healthy pink to a slightly worrying grey.

Power Aware Cord…

The ‘Power-Aware Cord’ is a re-design of the ubiquitous electrical wire. Instead of hiding the energy flowing through it, it visualises it with pulsing blue light. Expressing the presence of energy through light can inspire people to explore and reflect upon the energy consumption of electrical devices in their home.

Project Team: Anton Gustafsson and Magnus Gyllenswärd []